Abul Kashem Iron and Steels is a M. S. products supplier company. We supply different steel brands in 64 districts of the country. You can contact us if you have any query regarding STEEL. contact now :+880 1313211040,1313211060,1313211080

Welcome to Abul Kashem Iron & Steels

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Abul Kashem Iron and Steels, which is among the largest steel suppliers in Bangladesh, has already founded its name in the heart of its royal customers. They specialize in providing iron, steel, metal, steel pipe for the industry, household and construction.


The department will answer the entire question you have and guide you to the right direction. If you have query, feel free to ask them. They are 24/7 on service.


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The Supply relationship management team is going to help you by providing all the necessary information regarding transportation and up-to-date information about product delivery.


Phone: 02333311010, 02333311050


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